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In this section, you'll find articles and links to other online materials that concern my primary areas of practice. I encourage all of my current and future clients to educate themselves as much as possible about the legal issues that they are facing. This facilitates a better attorney-client relationship and helps people make better decisions.

The articles presented here are licensed from Nolo, the country's leading publisher of practical, plain-English guides to the law. Nolo's materials are great general primers on many areas of the law, but I strongly caution against relying on them in place of advice from a licensed, local attorney because the materials frequently do not take into account state-specific variations in the law and do not address the often complex procedural aspects of cases.

The links provided lead to a variety of online resources from other websites. While all of the sites are reputable (and in some cases very authoritative), I cannot guarantee the accuracy of the content that you may find or be responsible for misinformation that you may come across. Like every other source of information on the internet, take each link with a grain of salt.

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