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My Commitment

To all of my clients, I promise:

Good Communication. I promise to return all communications promptly but in no event later than 24 hours after their transmission. My clients will be kept in the loop through regular case status updates from me and will receive copies of all paperwork related to their cases.

Quality Work. While no lawyer can ever guarantee a specific outcome in a given situation, I can assure my clients that they will receive a high-quality legal product delivered in a timely fashion.

A fair price. All fees will be reasonable and disclosed to my clients upfront in a clear and understandable manner. I attempt to make legal services available to as many people as practicable by working with clients on payment plans, accepting credit cards, and charging flat fees (as opposed to hourly rates) whenever possible.

A Continuing Relationship. Much like a family doctor, I strive to become the go-to source for all of my current clients when they have legal needs in the future. I personally prefer to do business with people and companies that I know will be around for months and years to come. I bring this preference to my own business and my own clients.