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In General

My guiding philosophy on attorney's fees can be summed up in four statements:
  • Fees must be affordable for my clients.

  • Fees should be fully disclosed upfront; clients should never be surprised.

  • Fees must adequately and reasonably reflect the time spent and the skill needed to resolve the client's legal issue(s).

  • Fees should never be a bar to quality representation for those in need.

Fee Structures

There are three main fee structures that I use in my practice. The type of fee generally depends on the type of case, though I prefer to use flat fees whenever possible and practical.

Flat Fee. This is my most common fee arrangement. As the name suggests, there is a single cost for the entire representation. Used most often in bankruptcy, simple family law matters, and simple probate matters.

Hourly. This type of fee is based on the time that I must invest in a case. Clients are billed regularly for time spent working on their cases. This is type of fee is reserved for the most complex, drawn-out cases.

Contingency. In a case with a contingency fee arrangement, my attorney fee is taken as a percentage of a recovery or settlement. That is, clients pay nothing to me unless they receive a settlement or damages from a court. This is the most common type of structure in Fair Debt cases. Not available in family law matters.


There are certain expenses associated with legal services that must necessarily be passed on to the client. These expenses are not calculated as part of the attorney fee and are paid separately. Examples of such expenses include court filing fees, the cost of pulling a credit report, and subpoena fees.

No-Surprise Pricing

I strive to fully explain every aspect of fee arrangements to my clients BEFORE beginning to represent them. I believe that clients should completely understand their financial relationship with me before signing any retainer agreements or paying me any money.

Payment Methods

In order to help keep my services as accessible as possible for my clients, I accept all major credit cards (not available in bankruptcy cases), and I am willing to work with clients on structured payment plans through which clients pay fees over a reasonable period of time.

Pro Bono (No-fee) Representation

No person in legitimate need of legal services should ever be forced to go without representation from a competent attorney because the person is unable to afford the fees charged. If it's simply not possible to work out a fee arrangement with a client that isn't unduly burdensome, I'm always willing to consider handling the case for free.